A Warning to Those With Teenage Children…


This isn’t so much a Blog as a warning to those of you with teenage children….

The Blue Whale Challenge
The Blue Whale Challenge is an internet-based game which targets vulnerable young people online. A ‘curator’ of the game befriends them and, once their trust is gained, they are set 50 challenges. The challenges each build upon the previous ones in terms of risk and severity: many involve self-harm using razors, others include watching scary films late at night, or isolating yourself from others. We are told that a tell-tale sign is challenge number 11, to carve a whale onto the hand with a razor and send a photo to the curator. The culmination in the 50th challenge is a dare to the vulnerable person to kill themselves.The challenge originated in Russia but has been spreading across Europe, with some deaths attributed to it. Thames Valley Police suspect some influence of the challenge on 3 recent deaths in the UK.
13 Reasons Why
Netflix is currently airing a programme called ’13 Reasons Why’, based on the book by Jay Asher. The series has been popular with teenagers. The storyline follows the story of a girl who has committed suicide. Before she does this, she makes 13 videos, one for each of the people who have made her feel so unhappy. The videos are then delivered to these individuals and each episode covers the journey that the person goes on whilst watching the video they’ve been sent. They have been reports of teenagers copying this!

I don’t want to worry anyone. Just to make you aware, in case you want to discuss it with your children……


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